Frui-tee is an apparel and lifestyle brand based in Melbourne offering hand printed fun and glam t-shirts and singlets, all locally made with the finest cotton and hand printed in the brightest colours.
The brand was established  in November 2017 by Italian designer Chiara Perego whose vision is to create unique and summery pieces of Frui-tee.



Chiara designed the patterns herself and got them made by local experts.
Fabric is cut, stitched together and labeled by a clothing factory, passed to a printing factory and then packed in our own facilities, all in the inner suburbs of Melbourne.
This is our process, could we be more Melbournian than this?

At Frui-tee we love what’s unique, as every human being on this planet, and pride ourselves in supporting local businesses like us.

Chiara Perego – founder + director


Because it’s fun, firstly! Life should be fun, we need to stop taking ourselves too seriously – too 80’s!
The print is there to celebrate a woman’s body in its uniqueness.
And c’mon, how many times have we compared our boobs to fruits growing up? LOL!


Believe in yourself, you are the most important person to you.
As women we should only be concerned with shaping our thoughts, and not the shape of our bodies.
So think fun, think smart, think positive!

Oh, and our t-shirts fit men too because, as somebody printed on a tee [Dior],
we should all be feminists.




October – we launched our new website.
September – we had our first professional photo shooting with the amazing Bri Hammond –
August – first Frui-tee day where all our close friends are trying our tees and giving feedback. We also had a super fun photo shooting that day
July – sampling is finished!
May – we partner up with amazing people and started the new collection sampling.
March – we started looking for local artisans and manufacturers that could help us made everything in Australia
February – was our busiest month between markets and the creation of our new collection


First collection launched in November at the Rose st Market.
First wholesale accounts in December 2017

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